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Privacy policy

Processing of personal data

Types of personal data, purpose of processing and authorizations for it

In order for Uppskera to serve you in the online store and provide you with the services offered, the company needs to work with many types of personal information, for various purposes and on the basis of different sources. This is the personal information we collect directly from you, but we do not collect any information about you from anywhere else:

Contact information: ie. name, address and email address: This information is necessary to ensure that we send the products that are purchased to the correct place, to give us the opportunity to communicate about the product purchase and to ensure that the correct customer is registered as a buyer , such as for invoicing and in the case of product returns. We also work with them for direct marketing if you have signed up to our mailing list to receive offers from us.

Payment Information: We do not store any card information on our web servers or sites. At the end of the order, you are forwarded to the payment page of the card portal, which sends us back confirmation that the debit to the payment card has been successful, and we work with that information for accounting purposes. Therefore, it is necessary for us to work with this information due to your contract with us regarding the product purchase and due to our legal obligations, such as according to the law on accounting.

Information about your product purchases from us, i.e. which products you bought, when and for what amount: We work with this information, as with the contact information, cf. above, for the purpose of being able to sell and send you the relevant products and to be able to comply with our legal obligations.

In addition to working with personal information, we use a variety of non-personally identifiable information to operate the online store, e.g. statistical information about when our customers shop for which products, etc. No such information can be attributed to a specific customer, but only non-personally identifiable information about groups of customers.

Transfer of Personal Information

We do not pass on the personal information about you that we work with for the online store to third parties, such as to external processors for example for storage or accounting services, except in the following cases:

E-mail addresses of those who wish to receive offers by e-mail are shared with mass mailing services operating within the EEA.

Accounting data is provided to our auditors as they may request by law.

We reserve the right to comply with the instructions of competent Icelandic courts and regulatory bodies regarding the delivery of data, including those that may contain personal information.

Retention time

The storage period of the personal information we work with is determined by the purpose for which it is obtained and the authorization on which the processing is based. In this way, we store your contact information as well as information about registering on a mailing list while you are a registered user of the online store. It should be reiterated that users can unsubscribe at any time and close their access without notice.

We work with information about your product purchases together with payment information, i.e. debit confirmations from the transaction keeper, for the time we are obliged to due to provisions in the law on accounting in the law, i.e. now for at least 7 years but no longer than 10 years.

Your Rights

Since we work, as stated above, with personal data about you, you have rights that are important for you to know about:

You have the right to request access to and a copy of your personal data from us, to have it corrected if it is incorrect or misleading, or to have it deleted if we are no longer authorized to process it This rights are described in more detail in the Personal Protection Act, cf. now Articles 17 and 20 Act no. 90/2018, then according to the latter article of law you have the right to transfer your own data or that we limit the processing of personal information about you, if certain conditions are met. You also have the right to object to the processing according to Article 21 of the Act.

You have the right to file a complaint with Personal Data Protection regarding the processing. Her office is at Rauðarárstíg 10, 105 Reykjavík and her email address is

Defense Assembly

If a legal dispute arises in relation to these terms and conditions, it shall be submitted to the Reykjavík District Court.

The person responsible for the processing and contact information

Flora Úggafa ehf. is the party responsible for this processing of personal data and messages related to the processing can be sent by e-mail to the email address


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